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Custom Pump Drive Speed Reducers

Pump Drives
PEM’s pump drive gearboxes are designed for long life in applications when a high AGMA service factor is needed. PEM’s pump drives are unique in that our units can drive up to 8 pumps from a single or multiple prime movers; electric, hydraulic or diesel. Any input and output configuration can be designed with any mounting and material of construction you may require. We have designed and produced units with as much as 1,200 hp and 250,000 lb-ft of torque.
Any gearbox has the option of using our trademarked gear tooth design we call Megagears. The Megagear allows for up to 33% more torque than a gear of the same diameter with a typical tooth design. We can even retrofit our Megagears into your existing box by another manufacturer.
Typically our cases are designed with a vertical split rather than a horizontal split across the bearings. A typical gearbox design is calculated to handle customer specifications and then evaluated prior to construction. One method of evaluation is FEA (Finite Element Analysis).  After final assembly every gearbox is given a spin test before it’s shipped to ensure that you will receive a gearbox of the highest caliber
Read below for more information on our pump drive speed reducer design and manufacturing capability. Please note that this information describes what we’ve already designed and built, not what our limitations are. If any of your requirements exceed the ranges specified below, do not hesitate to contact our engineering department.

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1:1 to 1:10


Solid Shaft

No. of Inputs


Input Horsepower

100 to 800 hp

Output Interface


No. of Outputs

Up to 8

Pump Sizes

SAE A, B, C, D



All gears are calculated in proprietary FEA Mega Gearing
Mega Gearing (30% more HP)
Typical Gearing (8620 - other materials available)


Typical Shafting is 4140, other materials available
Up to 8 RMS finish


Ductile Iron or Weldments (A36)

Size Range

2 to 8 pads

Service Factor



Finishing Options

Military Spec Painting

Mounting Options

Custom Mounting Hardware

Value-Added Options

External lube oil systems
Outside washdown system
Proximity sensors
Temperature sensors
Torque sensors
Viscosity sensors


Fins (heatsinks)
Forced air (fans)
Oil-jacketed housings
Water-jacketed housings


Order Quantity

Single-quantity/prototype orders to small lots of ~500 pieces

Typical Lead Time

18-24 Weeks ARO

Quality Assurance

100% part inspection
Noise testing upon request
Vibration testing upon request


Meet or exceed AGMA Standards

Power Engineering and Manufacturing, LTD